What we do is

socio-political risk & strategy consulting, as opposed to merely political risk & classic strategy consulting: we extract crucial factors applying to the scenario, you are interested in, via tracing back the historic development of the mental concept(s) in question in that very scenario.

Offering you valuable in-depth insights that you can leverage for your idea; yielding viable short term results, all while laying the groundwork for long term success.

Avestu – The Institute for Idea Management & Intellectual Capital.

As a modern company, we aim to work on a sustainable basis, taking into account both, the long and the short term effect of your actions. Therby, we can offer you ethical and sustainable guidelines as to how you can impact and tweak socio-cultural developments concerning your idea, thought concept, product or service.

Moreover, using the ISR [Idea Survival Rating], a unique statistical process indicating the survival rate (e.g. success rate) of an idea, we can provide you with ground-breaking insights concerning the factors that will make or break the success of your idea in the given scenarios.

This highly innovative method - developed 2011 at Hult International Business School in London – is at the heart of our rating system, which allows us to generate forecasts for scenarios ranging from the development of political Islam in Somalia, to the development of the market for plastic water bottles in London or Shanghai.

But we do not stop at forecasts:

After the initial analysis process, we help you

  • come up with a strategy to cope with the findings you are confronted with
  • develop a tactic with you to twitch the development of the thought concept you’re after in your favour
  • connect you with the right strategic partners, such as investors, industry experts or corporate players

Whether it is a personal idea, or a global trend, you are interested in, talk to us when it comes to transforming it - or turning your idea into tangible reality.


Avestu - The innovator’s approach to life.

REVOLUTIONS cannot take place in the streets, if they have not taken place in minds first.