Political Consulting

Revolutions cannot take place in the streets if they have not taken place in minds first.

And this is the exact place most ideas never make it out of: the mind.

Victor Hugo once said ‘There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’ Making that time come, engineering momentum and gauging the developmental stage of your idea is what we do.

We = your personal think tank of hand-picked experts: experienced researchers, analysts and practitioners of academic, commercial and military experience in the fields and geographic regions concerned.

Depending on your project’s requirements, we’ll specifically assemble a team of seasoned experts suiting your needs, infusing your venture with the expertise to drive it forward and set it apart. Innovative. Young. Trustworthy. The innovator’s approach to life.

We offer custom-built socio-political risk analysis, innovative assessment of demographic cultural and societal trends, drivers and catalysts relevant to the specific socio-politic terrain that is of interest to the client; thus helping clients to

  • develop new strategies in touch with cultural, local and international demands
  • raise awareness or to seize opportunities
  • build relationships with trusted local contact partners
  • navigate the depths of international proceedings and negotiations
  • find strategies for sustainable, lasting impact
  • create and maintain best-in-class decision-making processes
  • introducing fresh thinking into business models, via analytic impulses and training

We are helping NGOs, organisations, and individuals assess risks and opportunities in their local & international strategies. Avestu provides essential information, independent judgment and forecasts on global and ideological developments, economic and socio-political trends or governmental regulations impacting your work.