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Our experts are experienced researchers, analysts and practitioners of academic, commercial and military experience in the fields and geographic regions concerned. We assembled an international network of market entry, industry and startup experts to help provide you with exactly the expertise you need.

Depending on your project’s requirements, we’ll specifically assemble a team of seasoned experts suiting your needs.

These experts will build your custom-made think tank for the duration of the project.

It is inherent to our company culture that our consultants are not only your consultants, but your partners – and proudly so – throughout the entire realization process: thus, we do not force our solutions and conclusions on you, rather we hand you the tools, the analytic background knowledge and the framework to further navigate global waters.

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We offer innovative tools that help you successfully operate in unstable or conflict-prone environments, facilitating management processes in such surroundings for you. 

Our services include: 

  • Strategy Consulting for Startups, NGOs and Corporates
  • Investor Relations: Seed Phase and Series A
  • Investment Roadshows
  • Investor Readiness
  • The 'Idea to Reality'-Programme: intensive one month programme for founders
  • Crisis Management by your personal think tank.
  • Positioning & Strategy Work Shops.
  • Road Mapping Reports –detailing a clear strategy that flexibly adapts to the ever-changing circumstances involved.
  • Due diligence & background research, presentations and lectures.
  • Constant feedback as required.
  • Individual, custom-built support by a group of seasoned experts: your personal think tank.
  • Access to our ever-growing idea development databank, our internal idea intelligence and change marker & trend monitoring results.
  • Our unique ISR (Idea Survival Rate) Rating Process, giving you a solid, en detail overview of the factors, trends, socio-political developments influencing the success or demise of your project, company or personal goals: making us your innovative partner concerning Innovation Analysis, Idea, Crisis & Change Management, Socio-political Development, Branding and Epistemic Changes– on and off site.
  • Investor Circles


The firm publishes The Socio-Political Risk Chronicle: Developing Markets, a resource designed to assist NGOS, organizations and governments in minimizing risk exposure associated with changing environments & emerging markets and The Socio-political Journal of Epistemic Change & Change Management.

Avestu organzies the Angels' & Investors' Circle an 'invite only' platform for angels and professional investors to come together and discuss industry risks & trends in exclusive settings.